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Best of History: WWI
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PBS: The Great War
Australian War Memorial
WWI and its Aftermath
Australia and WWI
History Learning Site: WWI
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Total War and WWI

Photos of the Great War
Heritage of the Great War
WWI Photo Essay
Remembrance Day:(Great photos contrasting then and now)
WWI: Official British Photographs
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Der Spiegel: WWI Images
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Dutch National Archives: WWI
Museum Victoria: Life During WWI

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Causes (Interactive)
The Aftermath
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GCSE: Technology and WWI
War: Reportage
QU: Technology of War
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Women and the Military
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British War Poetry
WWI Poetry Digital Archive
Modernism Lab at Yale

LOC: Guide to WWI Materials
Modern History Sourcebook: WWI
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FIRST WORLD WAR (First part of a series: Find others here.

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