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Great Events in World History

Selected Books in the Library
China : a global studies handbook
Battle for China's Past
China from the 1911 revolution to liberation
China in transformation, 1900-1949

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World at War: Conflicts and Society

Modern Era

Map As History
World History in Context**

Modern World History Online
Active History

History Today: (useful articles)
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Stalin and Mao: Parallel Rise?
Mao Zedong: Liberator or Oppressor of China?
Makers of the Twentieth Century: Mao Zedong
Chinese History: The Great Leap Backward
Marxism and China



Mao ZeDong
Mao: NYT Obituary
Ma0 ZeDong (Time bio)
History of China
Chinese Revolution to 1949
China's Communist Revolution

Betrayal and Manipulation in Mao's Rise to Power (Article)
Rise of the Communists
Long March (interactive map)
The Long March
The Long March

The Long March (History Today)
Social/Economic Factors

Essays on Chinese Ecoomic History
China in the 20th Century

Great Leap Forward
Great Leap Forward
Did Mao Really Kill Millions? (Monthly Review)
Did Mao Really Kill Millions in the Great Leap Forward?

Mao on Warfare

Mao Zedong Thought

Mao's Educational Doctrine
Mao's Strategy of Land Reform
Land Reform and Collectivization
Primary Sources

Asia for Educators
Internet Sourcebook (China)
Mao ZeDong Internet Archive
Morning Sun (Cultural Revolution)
Chinese Posters

Mao on Guerilla Warfare

Mao ZeDong Thought
Land Reform
China in WW II
Second Sino-Japanese War


The Chinese Civil War

Mao: One Man's Revolution

A Century of Revolution (1911-1949(