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Hitler's Rise

Hitler's Gamble
Hitler's Rise and Weimar's Demise
Rise of the Nazis
Wagner's Influence on Hitler

An Economy Geared to War
Nazi Economy: Was it Geared to War?

Hitler and the Law, 1920-1945
The Hitler Myth
Lebensraum: Policy or Propaganda?
Hitler's History Films
Hitler: The Philosopher Fuhrer
Mein Kampf: The text and Hitler's vision
Goebbels: The Man Who Made Hitler?
Foreign Policies of Hitler and Mussolini
Political Violence and the Nazi Seizure of Power
A Song for Hitler
Hitler as War Leader
Hitler: Who Voted for Him?
Life in the Third Reich


Rise of Adolf Hitler
Hitler's Rise to Power
Nazi Germany
BBC: Rise of Adolf Hitler

German Economic Miracle
Nazis and the German Economy
Economic History of Germany
Weimar Economics

How the Nazi Party Came to Power
Enabling Act
How Hitler Consolidated Power
Reichstag Fire, 1933
Reichstag Fire
Beerhall Putsch
Sturm Abteilung
SS Police State
Trade Unions and Nazi Germany
Nazi Propaganda
Propaganda in Nazi Germany
Goebbels Principles of Propaganda

Nazi Germany, 1933-45
German Propaganda Archive
Facts and Lies About Hitler (Pamphlet from 1932 campaign)


Hitler's Rise to Power: Photo Essay
Nazi Propaganda and the Myth of Aryan Invincibility (Time-Life Photo Essay)
Khan Academy: Rise of Hitler and the Nazis

Election Speech, 1932