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DATABASES Check HERE for passwords.

Project Muse (only at school)

Periodical Subscriptions (you'll need the password)

Sight and Sound (we have the full archive for this)


British Film Institute Britist Film Education site
Young Minds Inspired: AMPAS' teachers' guide/tutorial to various aspects of film production, from lighting to sound to editing and more.
IMDB: Internet Movie Database. Search for basic information on thousands of films
TCM Database: Another good film database, with articles, stills and general information, along with some great desktop wallpaper and a (very difficult!) movie trivia game! A bit cheesy-looking, but good material on genres and general film information.
Yale Film Analysis Site: good explanations of film basics.

Everything is a Remix: Series of short documentaries.


Yale Film Studies Online resource covering all aspects of film Some excellent information (and video clips) on use of sound in films. (I love the one on Ratatouille!)

GENERAL/ONLINE FILM JOURNALS A good collection on film history, genre, "best of", etc.
American Cinematographer An interesting journal with interviews, in-depth articles and insights into film techniques. Be sure to check out the podcasts!
Bright Lights Film Journal: Online journal with categories ranging from director studies to film noir to kung-fu films and more.
JumpCut: A Review of Contemporary Media
Millennium Film Journal: Reviews of experimental and avant-garde film
Suite 101: Film and TV Collections of articles, by genre. Use the navigation bar on the left.
Senses of Cinema: Online film journal, with an eclectic collection of articles. Be sure to check the archives.
Film Comment: Be sure to check the archives. Journal of Lincoln Center's Film Society
FilmMaker: The magazine of independent filmmaking
Images: Online Journal of Film and Popular Culture
American Cinema: Film history video course
MovieMaker Magazine: articles on movie news, film reviews, and all aspects of creating films
CinemaScope: Film Magazine. Look in the Archives and Web Only sections for articles.
Pictureshow Man: A site discussing te history and development of motion pictures, with links to articles and film.
Rolling Stone: Movie Review Archive
POV: Danish film journal
FilmmakerIQ: Interesting blog covering all aspects of filmmaking, including film analysis.
Anneke Smelik: Feminist film theory
Reverse Shot: A quarterly, independent film journal. Excellent commentary.

Film Philosophy: Online journal of film studies


Chinese Cinema:
Centennial Review of Chinese Cinema
Chinese Cinema in the 30's
China's Film Policy Now
Defining "Chinese"
eJUMPCUT: Issue 49: China and the Chinese Diaspora on Film

Hollywood Classics

Movie Diva: Collection of articles on Hollywood classics by the Film Curator at the NCMA.
Gilda's Blue Book: Collection of links related to silent films.
Classic Films: Articles and images related to Hollywood's Golden Period


Girls Kick Ass!: A feminist critique of action films
Action Films
Cop Action Films (From the 80's)
Anatomy of the Action Picture


Fred Camper Articles: A free-lance film journalist
Lovers of Cinema: The First American Avant-garde. Google Books
iNCITE!: Online journal of avant-garde film.


General study
POV: An entire issue on comedy


Hitchcock MacGuffin site: broad collection of links and articles on Hitchcock
Hitchcock: Master of Suspense: Introductory site
Cinema of Alfred Hitchock: Great site with links to a plethora of articles covering most of his films.
Hitchcock: Class site for a university film class on Hitchcock. Interesting notes on various aspects.


They Shot Dark Pictures: Brief background on Noir, with links to good lists of directors and top films.
10 Shades of Noir: Background and review of 10 top Noir films.
No Place For a Woman: Film noir essays, photos and more

Crime Films: Great collection of variations on the genre from gangster to noir to detective films to cop films and more.

International Cinema

Alive and Kicking: Article on Kung Fu films.
Midnight Eye: covers modern Japanese cinema, with archives of classic Japanese film
Japanese Cinema: Articles from Bright Lights film journal.


Sci-fi in film: While I don't usually use wikipedia as a source, this is an especially good article in explaining the link between literature and sci-fi film.
Sci-Fi: From
Sci-Fi Movie Reviews: From the Sci-Fi Movie Page.
Fantasy Magazine: Interesting. Covers all things fantasy, you'll need to dig a bit through archives for movie reviews.
Jungian Reflections: Google Books--critical analysis of Jungian archetypes found in sci-fi/fantasy films. Examines Star Wars/Stark Trek/ Indiana Jones, Batman (and other comic book heroes), The Omen, Planet of the Apes and more. You'll need to dig here, but interesting site. More of a fan site, but will keep you up on the latest news/gossips. (Tim Robbins will play Ironman's dad??! Fantastic!)
Horror Film History
British Horror Films
70's Horror Films
Monster at the Soda Shop: Teens and 50's horror films

Teen Films

Monster at the Soda Shop: Teens and 50's horror films
Representations of Youth: Use the sidebar on the left to navigate the topics. Explores such films as Rebel Without a Cause and Stand By Me.
History of Teen Movies: Cheesy, but informative. Part of a larger site on Hollywoood teen movies.
Teen Movies: Online article
Teen Movies: American Youth on Screen: Google Books result
Shakespeare in Teen Movies: Think: 10 Things I Hate About You, 0 and She's the Man


The Silent Western
The Western: An Overview
30 Great Westerns: Brief analysis of each.
Spaghetti Westerns: In-depth online article.
POV: Issue dealing with Westerns

Race Movies: Describes a silent film genre for African-American audiences