This pathfinder will serve as a starting point for your research. Use it to guide your search, but there is always more out there. Ask the librarian if you're having problems!



FilmmakerIQ: Interesting blog covering all aspects of film production and analysis.
School Video News: Excellent magazine for k-12 video production Wow! A plethora of information on all aspects of video production.
Media Ed: Teaching Film (UK site)

Video 101: Online tutorial with, miracle of miracles, a reasonably priced educational license that actually inspires you to act legally! Wonderful disussion of lighting, sound, etc.
Fodor's Basic Composition Rules
KidVid: Basic how-to (with an online storyboard creator) relating to film production. Probably best for middle school (5-8).
Screen Nation: AFI's student video site.
Media College: "free educational and resource website for all forms of electronic media. Topics include video & television production, audio work, photography, graphics, web design and more."
VideoMaker Magazine: Archives over several years, with interesting how to articles.
Film Riot: These guys are..well...a riot! Quick video tips on easy special fx, etc. You have to sit through ads, but they create them, so they're usually amusing and actually good examples to use with kids. Occasional language issues so preview first!

POV: Issue of the film magazine related to various aspects of cinematic storytelling. Includes useful shot analyses
10,000 Words: Interesting series of clips showing different storytelling styles.
Seven Elements of Storytelling
Storytelling Guide: Basic shots and "grammar" of video storytelling.



Secrets of Story-Telling
Creating Characters
Zero Budget Storyboarding: This is arguably the most important process. Good, quick tutorial video.
Pre-Production When You Just Want to Get Started!
Planning the Shoot


3 point Lighting 101
3 point lighting: video
Dramatic Lighting
Basic Lighting Tips (video)
Noir Lighting
Shoot to Edit
Shooting Landscapes (Great if you're doing those wide-open spaces Westerns!)
Green-screen: Get the basic idea with this game from PBS


Editing 101
Editing 201
Continuity: NYFA video
7 Steps to a Polished Final Cut
POV: Issue devoted to aspects of film editing.
The Cutting Edge: Excellent documentary on the art of film editing. It's broken down into you-tube sized clips here, but it's only $6 on Amazon, so treat yourself to a copy.

Video Toolbox: Don't have time to dig? This is a YouTube channel from Reel Youth, using selected tutorials from VideoMaker


Online Tools
WeVideo: Online video editing (great for collaboration and solves the "we can never get together" excuse!
VoiceThread For when you don't have time to edit video!
National Archive Tool

Free sound effects
Podsafe Audio (Creative Commons Music)
Freesound: Creative Commons Music you can download and use.
Jamendo: Creative Commons music
Freeplay Music/Sound Effects This is free as long as it's for educational, in-class use. If you plan to publish these to the web, you'll need to contact the company about licensing. My favorite because it organizes music by mood!
Creative Commons: Audio
Soundsnap Pro for Education: Special (reasonable!) pricing on quality sound for schools.

Image Resources:

Creative Commons: Video
WideAngle Video Bank
__Internet archive__
C-Span Classroom

LOC's American Memory Collection
Flickr Creative Commons
Digital Image Sources
LIFE Archive
NPS digital archives
NASA Archives
NOAA photo library
US Government photos and images
NYPL archives on Flickr especially nice, as they're organized by topic.