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water, pollutants, shortage, clean water, water quality, access, impact, effects


Scirus (science only search engine)

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Science Online
Science Journals (AAAS)
Health Reference Center
Teen Health and Wellness

Issues: Understanding Controversies
Issues and Controversies
GLobal Issues in Context


UN-WATER (good graphics/charts)
Introduction to Water Pollution
What is Water Pollution?
Learn the Issues:Water
Water Pollution Guide(VERY basic)
GCSE: Water Pollution
Freshwater Facts and Tips
Clean Water Campaign
World Water Council
The Water Project
Sources of Pollution
Urban Runoff
Water Quality Topics (Great list of links!)
PBS:Poisoned Waters (video)
How Safe's Your Drinking Water?
Fertilizers as Pollutants (very technical!)
NatGeo: Fertilizers
Impact of Fertilizer on Water
Nitrates in Drinking Water
Nitrogen in the Environment

Sewage and Water Quality

Organic and Chemical Waste
Drinking Water Contaminants

Protecting Water (Interactive--a bit young, but fun!)
Health Risks of Heavy Metals
Heavy Metals and Water/Soil Pollution
E.Coli and Water Contamination
Confronting Toxics (Check the links on the sidebar!)
Hazards of Heavy Metal Contamination
Harmful Algal Blooms
Lake Scientist: Algal Blooms
Algal Blooms: Causes
The Costs of Industrial Water Pollution (Click on PDF link at bottom)
China's Shortage
Water Shortage, Pollution
Plans for China's Water Crisis
Coal and Water
How China is Dealing with its Water Crisis
Drinking Water in HongKong
Deep Water Horizon Disaster

BBC: BP Oil Disaster
NatGeo: Gulf Spill Effects Unknown For Years(video)
Impact of Dispersants
Impact on Wildlife and Habitat
Effect on Wildlife
Habitats: Interactive
Below the Surface (Interactive)
Tracking the Oil Spill (Interactive)